07 May

Speed Week – Spartanburg crit 2011

Wow…three days ago I got dropped during the first ten laps and my only goal was to finish a race, now it’s actually racing my bike and doing well! I went confident into today’s race realizing that the Pro/1/2 field is actually not out of my league. I just raced terribly wrong the first three races – in the back. (I know, I know… everyone says it but in the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect to race against such a strong field. Also, I was not confident to move up within the peloton) It took me three races to figure it out! Dammit! I want to repeat those races again, especially Athens!

During the race, Lindsay and I were moving comfortably through the peloton. We both had a good time. One time I saw Lindsay in the front and suddenly heard her name by the announcer. She got a prime! I was smiling in the back. I wanted to cheer out loud but then I thought that might look really weird.

When we came around the corner on a slight uphill, I saw Lindsay still up front by herself and I thought that would be a good opportunity to move up. When I realized that some girls were hesitating of chasing her I jumped and got to her by myself. I passed her yelling she should come with me. I drilled it for another lap and then Lindsay said that the field is catching up. A look back confirmed the inevitable and we both sat up. It was fun being in the front. We got both swamped by the field and positioned ourselves somewhere in the second half of the peloton.

I had a really bad position coming into the last two corners and was only able to make up a few places when sprinting to the finish line. I ended up 27th, Lindsay got 21st. We are both very happy with the race today learning a lot of lessons and becoming confident racing against the Pros.

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