09 May

Final Speed Week race and Jeff Cup….

On Tuesday after a disappointing crit at Roswell, I tried to convince Lindsay to drive 12+ hours to Arkansas to race the Joe Martin Stage race; now I am happy that we raced all but one Speed Week races and did Jeff Cup.

The last Speed Week race took place in Charlotte, NC. The course was basically a corner to a winding downhill; at the bottom, sharp corner (if you happen to be in the back you come to a complete stop) followed by a long uphill to the finish.

I felt good at the starting line, especially considering Lindsay’s and my starting position: second row after the call-ups.
Once the race started my legs were definitely making sure to letting me know that I have been racing for a week. Also, the course was more physically challenging with that uphill than the day before so I scratched all preme plans and raced in the pack.
Lindsay told me before the race she doesn’t feel well but her “not-feeling-well” is definitely not the same as mine because she went for two premes.

We were pretty cooked going into the final sprint and ended up 20th and 21st, but both in the $$$, happy and sad that Speed Week is over.

Right after, we drove up to Charlottesville, VA to race the 50mi Jeff Cup RR. Lindsay posted a great write-up on her blog.

For me, let’s put it this way: This was definitely not an “A” race. My legs were dead so unfortunately I couldn’t make any difference in the final sprint.

Lindsay and I learned invaluable lessons about crit racing the past week. She is a great teammate and cant wait to race with her again!

  1. Sounds like a completely insane week of racing you two just wrapped up. Welcome back to real life — glad you made it in one piece!

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