22 May

My end of the world moment – Wilmington Grand Prix

Learning just minutes before the race start from the race promoter that the world might end totally threw me off my game plan for this race.

Naaa (Bavarian for No)… a more realistic excuse (but still creative) is that I got a deep tissue massage on Thursday because my knee was hurting. I was warned AFTER the massage that my legs could potentially feel sluggish for the race.

However you want to call it, my legs were definitely not on the same fire as Leonardtown. The race was hard right from the start, 25 laps, 25miles, 52 starters.

It was all about holding wheels and fighting for positions. Couple of laps in, Lindsay and a Colavita girl were in a break up the road, which suited me well: I didn’t have to do anything. This went on for a while.

At some point, everyone was together; I was really exhausted and was wondering if some kind of lead out train would form for the final laps….nope…”at some point” was half way through, still 12 more laps.

I swear there was a mistake with that lap counter. Someone must have forgotten to flip that first digit to 0. Apparently I wasn’t alone with my “end of the world” moment because half of the field had been dropped by that time.

It took me another lap to realize that there were still 11 laps to go. By that time, I have drunk all my water and burned every single match.

Sometimes, I have this magical moment of strength that would suddenly arise during total fatigue, but no magical moment this time.

Apparently, the lap counter people came back from their lunch break and turned the device to the last lap and it was time to get to the right position. In my case I was already perfectly positioned for the final sprint – in the back.

Coming around the last corner, I started my full-out sprint and I might have reached 15mi/hr or thereabouts, amazingly still passed four or five fellow sufferers and ended up 2nd! Just kidding, 22nd…at least I am loyal to my “2s.”

The big question I have to deal now with is, Kelly Cup or Killington?

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