25 Aug

ISO CX Tandem partner with bike

I am looking for a cross tandem partner with tandem bike.

As predicted last year (http://monikasattler.blogspot.com/2010/10/iron-cross-2010-race-report.html), I am out for cross. However, since I don’t want to totally miss out on the fun of the fall season, I think I can get myself into tandem racing; sharing the cruelty makes it easier. Now I only need a tandem partner with bike!

There are some small little things I am looking for in a tandem partner to make this a perfect team and an unforgettable (believe me!) and successful (definition TBD) season:

1.) The person will have the front seat and should be big enough to block my view entirely from where we are going, where we intend on going, and where we are actually going. I should have no say in finding the right line.

2.) The person should be heavy enough to offset any leaning from my part. I most likely will lean to the other right and will cause some minor and major balancing issues. Giving me the German “rechts” and “links” will not diminish the 50/50 chance of going wrong.

3.) The person should be strong enough to carry the bike over the hurdles by him-/herself. Chances are high I will trip without the bike. (There is a reason why I only did one season of collegiate high-jumping)

EXCEPTION: Requirement 3 does not come into effect if person is able to bunnyhop hurdles with bike and Monika.

4.) The person should be fond of wearing some outrageous costume that will cover most of our faces so chance of unwanted recognition by the MABRA community is kept to a minimum.

It would be great if tandem partner would come with bike that has some bottle cages (out of convenience) and no brakes on my handlebar (for the safety of the team).

I welcome any recommendations and suggestions for potential tandem partners.

  1. Haha!! wish I had me a tandem bike!

  2. You'd need a big son of a gun who speaks German to meet all those requirements. I know a guy who fits that description. Sadly, I do not have my own tandem.

  3. You could join me at some races, my partner from last year is out of the area. I was one of the people that helped get Tandem CX into Mabra. We started it at DCCX. Might have seen me race, I do want to actually race though so would need help carrying the tandem and any costume should be bikable in 🙂 Check out this if interested. Let me know.


  4. Can't help you on the tandem quest, but like the new lead photo!

  5. dayum, you are right. i am in, find us a bike.

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