07 Aug

Thank you and Good Bye MABRA

After almost three years being part of the MABRA cycling scene, I am heading out to Minnesota to study my passion – sports.
I really enjoyed the time in the cycling scene. I made some great friends and awesome experiences. A few random memories…
Crashing is nothing spectacular – Two months after the purchase of my road bike, I found myself getting stitched up in the ER after a crash at Hains Point. The club president visited me in the hospital. Soon enough, the doctor, a triathlete, and the club president were avidly discussing the difference between triathlon and road cycling while I got 12 stitches in my forehead. It must have been an interesting scene to watch.
Racing with the guys – At the Turkey Day 2010 race, I decided to race with the Cat 4 Men. I started with the goal to stick for one lap. I ended up 8th, first of my team. That was random!
A 10 day car and race ride with a teammate I had known for about 10 minutes sounded interesting right from the start. It ended up being a phenomenal experience racing Speed Week with Lindsay. Oh boy, what an intense week that was!
2011 Speed Week
A road race can change into an adventure race very fast. Example: 2011 Tour de Toona. Lost twice as the refs didn’t know the way. Adding a detour of 5 miles. Unfortunately, I did not bring my compass.
2011 Tour de Toona 
The road race which came closest to a cyclocross race was Liberty Classics when a crash forced me to run up Manayunk and a spectator furiously reminded me it wasn’t a running race!
A head-to-head duel with the second placed person for the Best-All Around Racer competition brought me to the velodrome the first time in my life. Whoever wins the track event would win the BAR. It was a close competition!
I guess I will miss Hains Point. I think I have never ridden so many laps around a golf course in my life. No matter what time, it’s crazy that you always will see someone you know.
It might rain, snow or storm so hard that even my parents in Germany hear about it, but that does not hold any serious MABRA rider off to join a group ride. The 7am ride a few hours after the huge storm on June 29, 2011 subsided was in full motion as nothing had happened. 80% of the riders were without electricity at home. A little CX action over fallen tree logs or electricity cables is normal business for the MABRA cyclist.
There are so many group rides in MABRA that the decision about the group ride was sometimes harder than the group ride itself …. the Italian Store ride, Wakefield ride, 7/10am, VDay ride, Muffin ride, Conte’s ride, Bicycle Place ride, Hour of Power, Tomahawk ride, Goon ride, NCVC ride, Coppi’s ride…and I probably forgot half of them….
What is next? Collegiate racing! Track! MCF racing! Some cross-country skiing, ice fishing, dog sledding and what else is going on up there! 
  1. Best of luck to ya, Monika. Twas great to have you around these parts. I enjoyed watching you improve and crush everyone (yours truly included). Also enjoyed hanging with you in Millersburg in 2010 (yes, it was that long ago!) I'm sure you'll excel in whatever you do so knock 'em dead!


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