22 Aug

First race in Minnesota – the State Road Championship

First, let me say that the cycling community here in Minnesota is super friendly and welcoming. It’s so much fun riding here. There are a lot of open roads with little traffic, plenty of group rides and a variety of racing from time trialing on Tuesdays to track on Thursdays and road races on the weekend.

Last Sunday, I raced the Minnesota State Road Championships – 54mi race – three laps à 18mi. The terrain was partly rolling, partly flat with a nice 0.6 mi climb at the finish. It was super windy.
For me, it was a race with a lot of unknowns. I did not know the course or the competition (I knew though there were very strong women out here). The battery of my bike computer died so I also did not know speed or distance.
The first two laps were rather uneventful. We all stayed together. There were a few solid attacks but nothing stuck. With one lap to go, we again climbed up the hill to the finish and I rode a little harder to see what the others would do.
I looked back and there was a substantial gap and then it was all about keeping it that way. Without a bike computer to look at speed or mileage, I just put my head down and went all out not knowing what was going on behind me.
It was another 18mi to go with a lot of wind from all directions. I looked back quite a few times trying to figure out if the peloton came closer. The motor ref told me 30 seconds after a while, then 42 seconds and then “I dont know I dont see anyone”. That got me worried because I had no time check anymore whether I go fast enough to stay away. Only on the last climb to the finish line I eased up just a little when I did not see anyone behind me. I could not believe that I held it. I couldnt ask for a better start for racing in Minnesota!
Next race will be in a month in Texas – collegiate Track Nationals. That will be interesting!

  1. Hey- I noticed you were 1st for women at Jeremiah Bishop's Gran Fondo last year. Going to be there this year? It will be my first century but I'm looking forward to it fo sho'!

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