12 Dec

First impressions of Dunedin, New Zealand

Today I had the chance to discover some parts of Dunedin on a bike. I made the following observations:
There are a lot of hills in Dunedin, A LOT!
Those hills start all at 6% grade. (For my Minneapolis friends: Ramsey hill on every corner)
The views on top of the ridge were stunning. Not only had I be cautious to ride on the right lane but I also had to be careful I don’t fall off the cliff while taking in the stunning view, the deep blue ocean, the juicy green grass decorated with white spots and an occasional baa. (Sheep)
I almost made a head-on collision with another cyclist. Believe it or not, bike paths have the same left side rule.
Car drivers do not care too much about cyclists. Barely any bike paths around. Even more a reason to ride the beautiful remote countryside.
Although the sun is hiding a lot, it is strong. I already got sunburnt. Plus, sunset is at 10pm!
Almost every day is a group ride going on in Dunedin! Sweet!


The picture of the day:

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