06 Apr

Back from a nine-month hibernation – New racing goals in Australia

Ahhhh pooooof!          Sorry, I had to blow off all the dust from this blog.
Time to write again as there is excitement on the training and racing front!
But back to the beginning….
As it might be difficult to follow my whereabouts:
Hello from Melbourne, Australia!
…oh wait….
G`day, Ow ya goin mate!
I hit ground three weeks ago. Last year when I visited Brisbane I knew that Australia is a fantastic place to work, race and breathe. I just had to make a long nine-months stopover in Switzerland. But now I am back and not planning on leaving again.
Melbourne is just amazing. Friendly, welcoming people. Huge cycling scene. Fantastic coffee….what else is there left to enjoy life?
Inspired by the sports-fanatic Aussie culture, I also did my first criterium after an eternity. Despite the long time-out I was quickly reminded how painful those are!
With so many motivating groups to train with, my racing calender filled up quickly. After a nine months racing hibernation, I am excited to get back into shape and focus on new racing goals. 

What can I say! That was the view of one of the rides (when I wasnt staring at the rear wheel of the person in front of me)



First race after three years. I promise there were more people in the race than pictured here.

 More updates soon to come. Stay tuned.

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