27 Jan

How much you will pay for a vacation in Andalusia, Spain

Have you planned your next vacation yet? For a cyclist and basically for anyone who is looking for beautiful scenery, consistent 300 days of sunshine and a warm-hearted Spanish culture, Andalusia might be the next place to visit.
And even better, Andalusia, especially now…January and February, is a perfect time to visit for a great vacation that does not destroy any New Years resolution’s saving plans.
Daily life is very cheap. Here is an example of costs you can expect for staying in Salobrena (a beautiful, historical town in Andalusia):
Especially in the off-season, you pay 20-25 Euro/ night for a decent hotel room with your own bathroom. In Sevilla, I even stayed in a 4 star hotel for 28 Euro. I just moved into a place (a small townhouse in a very historical part of the town Salobrena) for 300 Euro/ month.
Not bad for an entire furnished house!
(I have two extra bedrooms I am renting out until end of February. For more information, please contact me via the form.)
Here are some pictures of typical food from the supermarket:

Dining out
Here is a breakfast menu:

A coffee costs somewhere between 1,00 – 1,20 Euro. The price for the typical tostadas (Toasted sandwiches with topping of your choice) range between 1,90-4,00 Euros. When you order a drink, you get tapas with it, an appetizer of your choice that is included with the drink. The Spanish love to eat. So there is no shortage of supermarkets, pubs, cafes and a reason to eat again.
Just as a caution, the opening hours are a bit different. From about 14:00 – 17:30, you wont find anything open. And dinner starts at 19:00 21:00, and that is considered very early.
If you have an unlocked SIM card, you can get a cheap data and phone pre-paid plan for 10-30 Euro/ month. I am using Lycamobile currently. Just walk into a phone store and ask for a pre-paid SIM card.
Car rental
Because Andalusia is big and there is so much to discover, I rented a small car for 43 days. I pay 4 Euro/per day without insurance. I must say though, after seeing the rather intimate contact between cars, I was glad I got the insurance on top of it. The company, I booked the car through, is: RECORD RENT. You can pick up the car right in the Malaga airport, no transfer to another parking area required.
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