15 Mar

When you make a bet about riding time….

When we left Reggio today to head to the Passo delle Radici I had somewhat an idea that this wouldn’t be just a casual ride. I looked at a map the day before to see where we would be going. My cycling buddy told me it would take 8 hours. But i didnt believe it. I saw the map. It didnt look that tough! I thought maybe 7hours.
We had a bet!
We left at 8am from Reggio. The first 10 km were flat but that was about the last time we would see such a long stretch of not going up- or downhill. To get to Baiso we faced a solid 7 km climb. Once at the other side we winded ourselves to the beginning of Passo delle Radici. Although the official climb doesn’t start for another 35km or so, we were climbing with 40km from the top. The pass was at 1500m so be assured you get some climbing in. It drags itself for a long, long time. After 4:19 hours we finally saw the top. I got a bit worried. The odds were against me. Can we make it under 8 hours?
Although the return back to Reggio would be more downhill, we would be still facing some climbs that suck the last bit of energy out of us. We followed some rough roads back along the mountains and had an incredible view to the snow-capped giants.
Although you are a lot higher than your destination, Reggio, you actually never have a view to the city. You just anticipate that after the next hill would be the last downhill into the city.
Not until the final 15km. And then finally all downhill!
Passo delle Radici is “only” 700m of elevation gain but the entire ride has 2800m. So, yep….no flat roads. Fun. Epic. Scenic.
Oh yes, I almost forgot, we finished in 7:30hrs! 🙂

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