18 Apr

9 Reasons your next cycling destination should be Costa Tropical (Spain)

Europe has plenty of fantastic cycling destinations to offer, Mallorca, Teneriffe or Tuscany to name a few. But there is another one out there which is still not very known and a gem for cyclists who are looking for a new cycling destination.

Costa Tropical is a small region located in Andalucia, Southern Spain. And it is a special one – particularly for cyclists. Here are 9 reasons why Costa Tropical is a cycling paradise:

  1. With 300 days of sunshine, chances are very high that you will be riding in nice weather. Currently, mid-April, we have 23 degrees every day. Even in the mornings 8:30am/9am it is so warm that arm warmers are not required.
  2. Respectful car drivers. Having lived in a country with constant conflicts between cyclists and car drivers, it has become very important to me to move to a country that respects cyclists on the road. Spanish car drivers give plenty of space and wait patiently before passing cyclists. You can find exceptions anywhere but in general I feel very safe on Spanish roads.

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  3. Quiet roads. I am currently living on the coast but just heading 10km inland and the roads are mine. Since Costa Tropical is 90km East of Malaga and has not had the infrastructure for easy access until recently, it has been sheltered from the tourism boom.
  4. Terrain. At the edge of the Sierra Nevada you have access to a seriously good mountain range. And even before the Sierra Nevada, you can climb up a mountain with 1200m elevation gain straight from the coast.

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  5. Agricultural zone. Costa Tropical is covered with agricultural zones. You can see all the greenhouses from the mountains. That means you know exactly where you get your fruits and veggies from – thanks to the unique microclimate at Costa Tropical.
  6. Costa Tropical is very Spanish. The people are friendly, warm and welcoming. The food and the mentality untouched by tourism. In fact, only a few people speak another language so my learning curve has been steep. Still, the Spaniards love helping so there has never been an issue to communicate.
  7. You can get around Spain on a very small budget, especially food is cheap. Since Costa Tropical has not had the same influx of tourism as in other regions, the prices are very low.
  8. Tranquilo: Stress is the last thing you will experience at Costa Tropical. The people are relaxed. There is always time to chat with someone on the street.
  9. Everyone seems to know each other. Everyone talks to each other and greets each other. There is sometimes a lot of honking but that is to say hi to someone they recognized on the street. Within a short amount of time, the cashier says hi, the policeman waves at you and the neighbor tells her stories although she knows that you dont understand anything. Everyone is friendly and genuinely interested in the life of others. There is a true sense of community here.

I hope you got intrigued about a cycling vacation at Costa Tropical. Book your trip here via Booking.com.
In the next post, you will find helpful tips how to make the cycling holidays happen.
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