17 Jun

Mallorca to Munich – Questions answered

Greetings from Ins in Switzerland!
Today was day 3 of my 1100km Mallorca to Munich adventure cycling trip. 600km into the ride, I have received questions how I do it…so I want to use this opportunity to answer them:
Do you have a planned route?
I have no route planned and dont use any navigation tool. I follow street signs and my compass. In doubt, I use google maps. However, I prefer navigating the road. Especially, on long routes, google maps does not always give the best way, especially navigating via google maps bicycling route.
How do you choose your stay for the night?
I choose spontaneously when I feel like it is time to stop. That also means there is no pressure to reach a destination. Especially during multi-day rides, if there is bad weather, too much wind or I feel fantastic and want to ride longer, I am able to adapt.
You dont take any shoes with you?
No. I dont really need them as I dont walk anywhere. If I do need them, I buy cheap flip flops for €2 which I most likely trash after usage.
And only one cycling kit?T
That’s right! I wash it every night.
How does your daily routine look like?
I wake up at around 7:00, have breakfast in the hotel, start my ride, have lunch either in a cafe or supermarket, keep riding until I feel like being done and then search for a hotel either through the tourism office, online or walking into a hotel. Then I take a shower while washing my cycling kit in the shower, charging all devices, then dinner, then feet up and finally go to bed.
What do you for food?
I eat oatmeal with fruits and green tea for breakfast. For lunch, I look for anything I can find and is relatively fast en route, like a bakery or supermarket. For dinner, I go to a restaurant and have meat, carbs and salad. During the ride, I dont eat that much and I only drink water.
You ride alone? Why?
Yes. But it is not that I choose to ride solo. I just create a plan and if someone can join me thats awesome. But if not, then I just ride alone. Riding solo or with someone are two completely different experiences. Riding solo is really more about self-discovery and full responsibility. Riding with someone is sharing the experiences and adds more entertainment.
I hope that gives a better picture of my adventure cycling trips. If there are any questions answered, feel free to comment below or or send an email.
Happy riding!

  1. So cool. Thanks for sharing! Safe travels!

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