02 Aug

Life starts where comfort ends – for those doubting to take a bold step

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January 2017.
I took the biggest decision of my life. I quit my job with the goal to chase my dream making my biggest passion, cycling, to my living.
It felt like wasting time working in a job I didnt enjoy.
I failed multiple times trying to find the solution of combining the “real life” with my “dream life”. Multiple times, “reality” hit me that that what I was looking for doesn’t exist.  But despite the setbacks I didn’t want to accept a life that it is not filled with passion and energy.
My fear, being 90 years old and looking back and saying: “I wish, I had done this”, kept me getting up from each failed attempt to try again.
With each attempt I came closer to the realization that it doesn’t exist what I was searching for.
I had to create it.
For someone who always likes to have things lined up, a predictable future and financial security, I made the very tough decision to quit my job and look for the experiences I needed to understand how in fact my dream job would look like.
I looked at a map and decided that Malaga might be the place to start this new chapter in life. I took my bike and a few belongings and flew with a one-way ticket from Melbourne, Australia to the other side of the world. I had never been to Malaga before, didnt know anyone and didnt speak a word of Spanish. A rental car and a hotel night stay was the only plan of this new chapter.
I can’t express how scary it is to just to cut all ties of the ‘system’ to go my own way. I felt guilty walking around mid-day when everyone else is working. I felt weird riding an entire day during the week without asking for a vacation day. I felt different when I started to forget what day of the week it is.
But the more I was in this new world, the more my mind changed. An internal energy aroused that I never felt before. I was looking forward to the new day because it meant looking for new opportunities for a life I really want. My motivation to create this new life gave me a new lookout for the future. I became more optimistic, creative and overall happy with myself. The fear of unpredictability and insecurity was replaced by boldness and self-belief. And a strong support network became an invaluable asset of not losing the focus or courage.
One year later after searching and receiving incredible opportunities that helped me to understand where my path shall go, I found it.
Every time I shared my story with someone I could see the spark in the eyes of my conversation partner. Often, days after our encounter, I receive a message that my conversation partner took his or her bold step to go for the daring goal – whether it is embarking on an athletic, work or a life challenge.
Hearing someone taking this daring step arises the same excitement in me when I took my very own bold decision.
Through natural development I started working as a speaker and mentor and I am incredible grateful to help, inspire and enable others to take their own daring step for a more fulfilling life, to go for their own challenge.
To demonstrate the struggle for taking this bold step for a big goal, I decided to ride the entire Vuelta a España hours before the professionals. (www.thevueltaride.com) Funny enough, I once again find myself in Malaga starting a challenge that carries a lot of the unknown.
Hearing the doubts of many of making it possible, I am reminded of the very same challenge I embarked in January 2017 when I quit my job – a challenge that seems beyond imagination, a decision that seems out of the norm.
And exactly that it is why I am doing it.
Do I know what will happen? No idea. Can I fail? Sure. The only thing I can do to prepare as well as I can. But life is not about living in a comfort zone. Life is about to explore, to push limits, to make it an adventure. No matter what will happen, this project has taught me already invaluable lessons, brought people to me that I otherwise would never have met and it makes me feel alive – the feeling that is hard to get in this comfortable, predictable, security-focused world we are living in.
No matter if your dream is to ride across a country, ask a person out for a date or switch your job, dare to go for it! There is no such thing as failure, only rich experiences that will make your life an incredible adventure worth living for!


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