03 Aug

The power of giving a shit

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How many decisions are you taking on a daily basis worrying about what others might think of you?
Have you ever thought about how it would feel not worrying about other people’s opinions?
I am not only talking about what color the skirt should have while shopping, I am talking about fundamental questions in life.
Buying a house, having kids, where your kids go to school, food choice, driving a Ferrari, wearing Hugo Boss. Nothing wrong with any of that but to “give a shit” it is important to know for yourself why you do want to buy a house, drive a Ferrari or eat Vegan? Is it truly because you believe in your choices or is it due to external factors?
As humans we are wired to compare ourselves but in nowadays society everything always has to be better, faster and stronger. We are told every day through smart marketing campaigns that we are never good enough.
And those who take on this challenge are drowning in staying always behind. There is always a better. So instead of appreciating what we have in the here and now we are focused on chasing that seemingly future. That has consequences on friendships, relationships and most importantly to our own health – depression because we are never good enough for this world.
By comparing yourself with others, you give your power away.
Now imagine, you could untie yourself from this spiral of chasing the imaginary perfection.
Don’t get me wrong, getting an opinion from others is important, but this opinion should be only from people you well-respect. Everyone else’s thoughts shouldn’t matter. Just because something has always been a certain way doesn’t mean it is right.
Be your own judge, create your own rules. Let the feeling of status, societal beliefs and perception not influence your opinion on your own life.
It is not an easy process of ignoring the opinion of others. But if you are actively making choices that are yours (and that doesnt mean making contrary decisions on purpose, that would again mean comparing yourself) you soon will feel so much more free, less envious, more appreciative and more in sync with yourself.

  1. Stay true to yourself.
    If it’s not illegal and does not hurts someone, then you are the true judge of what is right or wrong for yourself.

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