17 Aug

Dare to go for it! You can only win even when you fail!

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Finally, I am doing something again that scares me, something where I don’t know how it will end.

I am worried about failure, about how I will be able to succeed. What is if something goes wrong? What is if I cant handle a new situation? What is if I freak out? What is if?

Too many what if’s!

However, I do this challenge because I was looking for exactly those feelings – being scared of the unknown, worried about the potential failure and about taking the risk of pushing my own perceived limits.

From past experiences I know that the most enriching, memorable, enjoyable experiences worth living for were when I did something that scared the shit out of me.

Now, I am embarking on another one: I will be riding the 3300km Vuelta a España hours before the professionals. I will be the first female in history doing this which speaks for its craziness. I called this craziness The Vuelta Ride.

In contrast to all previous challenges I have done I do this in the spotlight. A lot of people will be watching my progress, wondering if I will make it. But my goal is not to prove whether I can complete it or not, my mission is to show what it means to go for a seemingly impossible challenge. It is about dealing with fears, with inner doubts but also about overcoming them and replacing it with self-belief to be able to achieve whatever you want.

Going for a challenge – whether at work, sports or in life – is mostly limited by taking that very first step – because we are too scared about the risks that it involves, too worried about the unknown future and the potential to fail.

I have gone through this thought process and I completely understand.

It is completely natural. What makes the difference is that these thoughts should not make the decision for you – they should not keep you away from making your dreams come true. Living passively due to fear of failure is the worst decision you can take. When you dare to go for your goal, your challenge or your dream you will grow self-confidence, control over your life, decision-making and self-belief – whatever the outcome of this decision.

From these experiences you build up traits and skills that make you stronger and more determined for your next challenge. Therefore, by daring to go for a challenge, you are winning, even when you fail.

Next time when you are scared of taking risks, of doing something seemingly impossible – know that there is no other outcome but victory. The victory of overcoming your fears and of enabling you to create experiences that will give you more power for future challenges.

And then just go for it!

If you are looking some inspiration, follow the progress of my challenge going for something that to many seem impossible to achieve.


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