20 Sep

The Vuelta Ride is over! What's next after setting a world record?

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Wow it is over! I am happy as much as I am sad that it is over. Riding as the first female in history the 3300km Vuelta a Espana just hours before the professionals did not start three weeks ago. It started one year when organizing hotels, support van, communication with media, getting sponsors, recruiting a voluntary team. The three weeks of riding were the enjoyment part of everything that has been done before.

Altogether it was 3058km, 129 hours of riding, 49337m of elevation gain in 21 stages. That is a daily average of 145km, 6 hours of riding and 2349m of climbing.

I loved every single minute of it. The early mornings at 4:30am waking up, the sunrise at 7:40am, the conversations with new friends, crossing the finish line at 14:00, driving to the next hotel, enjoying the local cuisine and breathing every moment of a rich, intense experience.

What a success!
My main mission of this project was to inspire people to go for their own challenge and come out to join for parts of this journey while spreading my message around the globe. With over 200 people riding parts with me and with a coverage of over 50 media outlets around the world, this project has exceeded any expectations.

But it wasn’t easy
This project wouldn’t have been possible without a dedicated team that volunteered their time for the success of this project. Moreover, I am grateful for all the sponsors that believed in the success of this project (doing something “crazy” and seemingly impossible makes it very hard to convince brands to invest; that’s why I am even more appreciative in their trust in me!)

I am writing a book
To write here about my experiences this email would blow up so I decided to write a book over the winter. More details will be revealed in the next weeks.

Most frequent asked questions answered
While I am collecting thoughts for the book, I will be writing blogposts of the most frequent asked questions in the upcoming weeks: How did I prepare for it? How did I recover physically and mentally? What was the toughest, best, easiest, etc moments? What material, products and bike set up did  I use? (If you have any particular questions, just send me an email and I will answer your question in an upcoming blog post)

One question I can answer here already: What is next?
My next big project will be in Japan next year – adventure style how I like it! I love discovering new places and Japan is one of the countries that are so different in culture, language and terrain while still being cycling friendly that I cant wait to see it. There will be a good story and I promise a great adventure to follow! Stay tuned.

But next year is so far away!!!
But if you are like me, you cant wait for next year. That’s why I have already another adventure planned for next month in October. As the first female I will be riding every summit of Andorra in one go. That is about 300km with over 12000m of climbing! That sounds crazy enough to “dare to go for it!”

Thanks to all the amazing people who have made this possible!
I want to say thank you to my team: Franky, Anneke, Bea, Doug and David for such a great support in making this project possible.
Thanks to Javi, Rafa, Maya, Rupert, Mark and everyone who joined me for parts of this challenge sharing funny stories with me!
Thanks to Macario, Shimano, Gobik, Stevens Bikes, Vittoria tires, Pro, Lazer helmets, Cycling Friendly, Named Sport for believing in this project and supporting me!
Thanks to the Nordic hotel, Marbella Edificio, Marquis hotel, Perla de la montana, ibis Lleida, Valle del Eria, Hotel Altamira and Hotel Buddha Spa for taking care of my team and me during our stay!

Photos – Videos – Media coverage
You can find all photos and videos in the link below. Feel free to use any of them:

And here are some selected media coverage of the project:






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Thank you very much to everyone for being part of this journey! It was an incredible experience!

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