22 Mar

Stuck at home? A few ways how to use the time…


The world is crazy right now!

As of 22. March, here in Switzerland we do not have yet house arrest (I guess I can consider myself still lucky….I never thought I would ever write this) but citizens of Spain or Italy are under complete lockdown and are forced to stay at home. Just having recently moved from Spain, my social media feed is filled with my friends trying to figure out what to do in this strange time. Patience and endless creativity are key to overcome this surreal time…Someone wake me please up from this bad dream!
And everything happened so fast. One week we were looking towards China and the following week towards our own backyard. Hard to process everything so quickly. I did an extra long run yesterday as this could have been the last one. As the future seems to uncertain, I am trying to appreciate every minute with the freedom it gives me.
Interestingly enough, this has been always my motto: Appreciating the moment and living in the present because you never know what happens in the future. But usually I choose this uncertainty….I moved to the USA after high school not even speaking English very well, I quit a job with the World Bank with the goal to become a professional cyclist, I moved to five countries and decided to set a seemingly impossible cycling record where 80% of the people told me it is impossible. Dealing with uncertainty and going for something that could fail has never kept me away from doing it anyway. Because you never know what will happen unless you try it. Life is not about living it perfectly. It is about living it fully with enriching experiences, with passion and love.
With this uncertainty that has been put upon us, it emphasizes even more so my life philosophy. Appreciate the moment. Live in the present. Because you never know if there is a tomorrow…..who would have thought two months ago that we would be in this situation today?
Now while being forced to slow down, it is the perfect time to sit down and consider what makes life worth living and what is missing and create a strategy plan how to get those missing part. Also, writing down short-, medium- and long-term goals that help to focus on the important parts of life that make you feel alive.
I have asked myself often the question of purpose and excitement in life. Why am I here? How can I make my passion to my job? What decisions do I have to take to make it happen? As I realized that a lot of people have the same questions and thoughts, worries and fears, I decided to tell my story with the hope that others can relate and can draw some conclusions for themselves.
You can read or listen to my story via audiobook, e-book or paperbook. (See below all versions)
I hope this story can not only help to bridge boredom but might spark new ideas for what life has to offer!
I wish everyone all the very best in this time.

“Unleashing your RAD potential”

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