22 Dec

[:en]Ready To Make The Changes. – #LiveRAD 1[:]


Wonderful greetings from Switzerland,

It feels like an eternity since I wrote. So many things have happened in the last months.

Life has changed since the start of the pandemic. It has changed a lot. Restricted travelling, obligated masks and keeping distance to others has truly put us on hold in our very busy, fast moving environment. This caused especially one particular conversation which I am repeatedly having letting me revive this newsletter, now called „LiveRAD newsletter“ (Why? Please read at the bottom :)). Let me explain with an example.

A few days ago, a woman in her late thirties was referred by an acquaintance to me. She is an Executive in an insurance company for the last 13 years and for years she has been wanting to change her career to something she is truly passionate about. The pandemic has now triggered her to make it finally reality. But she does not know what it is. She only knows she does not want to do what she is doing right now.

I completely understand where she is coming from.

Four years ago, I left my career as a management consultant in Australia to move to the other side of the world (Spain) with only my bike trying to figure out what I really wanted in life.

By no means was this an easy decision. I was scared as hell to fail. But by taking this very bold step (and many others before and after that), I learned so much about myself – especially what I am truly capable of.

I could hear from talking to this woman that she has a lot of intrinsic motivation and energy for life. And these are the most crucial pre-requisites of making these changes. When you are hungry to live to your full potential, nothing will stop you from making it happen!

And this is exactly why this weekly newsletter has been revived: offering advice and inspiration to motivated (wo)men who are looking to live to their full potential. Is this you? Then this LiveRAD newsletter is for you 🙂 And by no means should this be a one-way street….if you have questions or comments for me, reach out and send me an email to sattlermonika@gmail.com. I answer them all.

Until the next time, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“A life lived at less than its full potential, is a life half wasted .” – Tony Clark

Have a wonderful day and until next week.



P.S. Why LiveRAD? : While I was searching to live my full potential, I saw patterns how to make the right decisions for me to live to my full potential resulting in this acronym RAD that stands for Real, Adventurous, Daring. I will explain this method more in upcoming newsletters but you can also read about it here on my website.