22 Dec

The true purpose of pursuing goals – #liveRAD 3

[:en]2018 was fully consumed by one goal: Completing the Vuelta a Espana at the same day as the pros. 3300km in 21 days and over 129 hours of riding.

This was a huge challenge!

80% of the people whom I told about this challenge said it was impossible. Just imagine, 4 out of 5 people told me in one way or the other their doubt about my success.

I usually don`t let others’ opinions affect my decision making, especially when I know they don`t know my story.

But after hearing it so many times about my anticipated failure plus I had difficulties to make the logistics happen (besides the training itself) just weeks before the start of the challenge, the doubt of the others started to make me wonder. Reconsider. Doubt. Maybe they make a point. Maybe there is a reason why no other woman has ever done this before. Maybe I had been too overconfident in doing something that I am not made for.

Maybe I should just stop the project right now where I could still “quit” without “failing”.

This scenario and thought process might sound familiar to you. You have a goal. But somehow along the way, the confidence of pursuing it is diminishing. And it might strip you to the bare question why you would want to pursue this in the first place. Wouldn`t it be just easier to live day by day without trying to make life difficult on oneself. Why trying to go for something that might fail?

And I think this is the very question that distinguishes a good life from a great one! Life is not about collecting successes or gold medals but for living, loving, adventuring, trying, exploring, believing, pursuing and just experiencing.

Then, I realized that the Vuelta project was not just about setting a record and about success or failure, but about creating an amazing life experience that I would never be able to get anywhere else.

So, the opinion of the others did not matter anymore because it was not about proving anything to anyone but about pursuing the goals I set myself seeing how far I can go. And even if I didn`t make it to the finish, the way to get there made me feel so alive that it was worth every bit.

Approaching the New Year with new set of goals, I encourage you not to be shy to set (high) goals. One year more means one year less to make the most out of the life we are given.

“Purpose is what gives life meaning.” Charles Henry Parkhurst

Have a wonderful week and until next week,