22 Dec

What is the point of having goals? #LiveRAD 4


I need to confess something.

Since I completed the Vuelta Ride in 2018, I had trouble to find the next big goal. Yes, there were a few big rides I did since then (like the 400km Day Across Minnesota gravel race or the 336km/9200m elevation gain Mallorca challenge) but – please don’t get me wrong – although I really enjoyed them and they were a heck of a challenge, it didn’t require an awful amount of preparation for me. In fact, for both rides, I decided 2 weeks prior to do them. In comparison, the Vuelta Ride took me one whole year! And although, I love spontaneous challenges I was missing this feeling of “holy smokes, am I really doing this right now?” feeling. And yes, these are huge challenges I did but as bad as this sounds, they didn’t really challenge me anymore. Yes, I can go higher, faster and longer but at some point, I don’t see the point anymore. “What`s next?” has been my big question for the last two years.

So I thought, maybe I can find it in a different sport so I did CrossFit last year and trail running this year, only to get injured in both sports after a while. And back I was with road cycling. I absolutely love my road bike and no question, I wouldn’t want to trade it back in for anything else. But still, there was this feeling of what could be my next challenge which is not just about additional elevation gain or distance but something that inspires and motivates me to train for it.

And now I found it. It scares me because I am so talent-free in it. It excites me because I am constantly challenged. It intrigues me because there is so much potential.

All of a sudden, instead of wondering how next year will look like, it is so clear to me: Focus on getting this challenge accomplished. And it feels good knowing where the road is going, how the energy is used and what the result might look like. This is why I am a big fan of big goals. Life feels a whole lot easier because there is purpose to it.

With the year ending, it is the time again where the question is coming up: What are the goals for next year? Losing weight? Getting fitter? Spending more time with family? Yes, those are all great ways to think but those are not real goals in my opinion. Because when do you know that you lost enough weight, got sufficient fit, spend enough time with your family to have accomplished it?

In my next email, I will share my take on how to create goals which help you grow and more importantly, make you feel alive!

Have a wonderful remaining week and until next week!


P.S. Next week, I also will share my goal for next year.

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