29 Dec

A goal is not a thought fling! #liveRAD 5

[:en]I truly believe having goals are essential to live to one`s full potential. They dont necessarily have to be about setting records or travelling the world, but they should be something that gets one out of their comfort zone.

Sure, it feels good to live day in and day out and just taking it as it comes.

For a while.

And it is ok when people do. But I believe there is huge potential being wasted and might lead to true unhappiness or even wondering what the whole purpose is. Why waking up early in the morning? Why going to work? Why putting extra effort in?

It becomes a downward spiral. The less one sees why getting motivated for the day, the less one wants to do to make the day motivating. And the longer one waits with setting goals, the harder it will be to set them.
That`s why it is so crucial to always have a goal. Sometimes a small one, sometimes a big one. Just always something that is a bit out your comfort zone.

So what makes a goal a great one? Let`s start with the first and most important step: Commitment and investment.

It makes no sense to have a goal when you actually dont want to put the work in. So many people put losing weight or becoming fitter as a year`s goal but they dont like the investment it takes to achieve this goal.

But how do you become committed and invested? That`s the big question.

From personal experience, I can say that all big goals I achieved I first had to “develop a relationship” with the goal meaning I had to think about and consider this goal so much and often that I started to care about achieving it.

When I first thought about riding The Vuelta, I didnt feel anything for it. I had no idea about the distances of each stages, the history, the hype of it. So I started reading about it, talking to people and started to identify myself with the idea that I ride it. It started to become important to me that I do it. And the more I cared about it, the more I become invested and committed in achieving it.

Thus, instead of just choosing a goal and forget about it after a few weeks, read and learn as much about it as you can. Get to know your goal. What does it mean to go for it and achieve it. This should not just be a thought-fling but a long lasting relationship.

Of course, there is more to set and achieve goals which I will explain in the following newsletters but let`s take one step by the time. In the next one, I will share about why I chose the Grand Raid, a mountain bike stage, as my next big goal for 2021.

I leave with you a quote: “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” –Bill Copeland

Until then, have a wonderful week and all the very best,



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