14 Jan

Dare to Change – #liveRAD 7


I think most of us know what is not good for us. We know what makes us unhappy. But for some reason, A LOT of us still stick with the old habit, routine or indecision and stay in this unhappy place. I see two types of why people don’t change: motivation and fear.

One needs motivation to change bad eating habits, quit smoking or start exercising. It is a matter of doing it and usually it is lack of motivation and ingrained habits that keep oneself from changing.

But then there is another force that inhibits change: fear. The fear of failing, of the unknown, of the question if the change will truly put that person into a better place. But who knows how the future will look like?

In a diagram, this would look like this:

Please accept display to see this diagram

Even if we don’t change our own variables, the future will still change (like Corona perfectly proved to us!) So if we cannot predict the future, why should we make it even more unpredictable by creating a change that might cause a worse situation than we are in?

As we are creatures of habits who can adapt incredibly to a given situation, we tend to stay in the known unhappy present than the unknown this-might-be-worse future.

This thought process makes completely sense…at first sight. But there are a few big mistakes that can easily fool those who consider change.

What they are and how they can be avoided….that`s the topic for the next #lifeRAD newsletter.

I leave you with a quotes:

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Mandy Hale


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