11 Feb

What keeps you away from making the change – #liveRAD 8


In my last newsletter, I mentioned that there are thought processes that keep one from making a change.

This thought process makes completely sense…at the first sight. But there is a few big mistakes that easily fools those who consider change.

1. Thinking that there is only success or failure, 0 or 1, black or white.

2. Believing that this is the end goal

3. Believing that you think the same in the future than in the present

4. Missing the path to get there

But instead of seeing change like this:

Change is actually more like this:


By only considering the end goal, one ignores the entire path to get there, the experiences you are collecting, the people you meet, the knowledge you gain and the new possibilities you get…but isn`t this what life shall be all about?

Instead of worrying solely about the end goal, we should embrace the path to get there. Instead of thinking of a negative outcome (which is a matter of perception), we should be happy that we are able to make this change because there will be that day when it is too late….so go out, explore, make mistakes but most importantly live your life! 🙂

“Live big and dare to fail.” Norman Vaughan

Until next time. Have a great weekend and all the best,