Training overview

The workshops are for leaders and teams who are looking to building up the skills to thrive in their work.

All workshops are based on the four stages of my self-developed Thrive Pyramide® to build self-confidence, purpose, courage and resilience for a sustainable transformation for more productivity, motivation and work satisfaction.

All workshops are centered around interactive discussions, real-world scenarios and concrete take-aways to apply right away when you walk out of this workshop.

What are my strengths, motivations and values?

What are meaningful and fulfilling goals for me?

How do I get outside my comfort zone and gain the courage towards bold goals

How do I stay motivated to pursue bold goals

Your situation

  • You struggle with confidence, e.g. sales meetings, negotiations
  • You have little motivation for your work and projects
  • You focus too much on your weaknesses and struggle to apply your strengths at work
  • You are risk averse and focus more on the problems than on the solutions
  • You are bored and lack progress
  • You have trouble defining fulfilling goals
  • You react to situations rather than approaching them proactively
  • You leave development opportunities untapped
  • You do not find time to set new goals
  • Your goal seems far away – with no end in sight
  • You encounter resistance and suffer setbacks

Training results

  • Be more motivated and productive at work
  • Use your strengths and motivations in your work
  • Be able to take risks
  • Be more confident in (sales) meetings
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Work in a more focused and goal-oriented manner
  • Make active decisions
  • Build a support network
  • Prioritize and achieve constant progress
  • Build resilience
  • Create routines and structure

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    Why me?

    As a former management consultant having worked for the World Bank, IMF and IBM as well as having pursued my passion in life and taken the risks to live to my fullest potential, I have lived through all the moments – the good as well as the bad. I draw from decades of experience and teach proven tools and mindset changes to enable others to change, grow, excel and succeed.

    I am all about authenticity. My thought-provoking presentation style might leave you wanting to hear more while finding your thoughts search for answers in your own life.

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