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5 Key takeaways from a sports record and how they can translate to the business world

Imagine: You plan to cycle all 124 Swiss passes in just 26 days.

This would be a record-breaking achievement, as no one has ever accomplished this before.

You have five months to turn your idea into reality.

During this time you will have to attract sponsors, recruit and manage a team, organize accommodation and transport and, of course, train.

As if that weren't enough, you are sick, have to deal with a toxic teammate and manage conflicts of interest.

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Michael Daiger -330

How do you prepare for this challenge? How do you stay motivated and recover from constant setbacks? How do you recruit and manage a diverse team with different personalities? What ultimately leads to success?

In this workshop, you'll set a record while gaining valuable insights that you can apply to your own projects and team dynamics.

Main focus

  • How to prepare for bold goals
  • How you and your team stay motivated in difficult times and under pressure
  • How to deal with constant changes and unknown factors
  • What really counts in setting bold goals
  • How to keep the team spirit high and maintain a positive mindset

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Key Take Aways

  • Set clear goals
  • Create an environment to stay focused
  • Prioritization. Knowing what really matters
  • Communication: Clear and consistent
  • Trust: yourself and your team
  • Self-awareness: do you know your own and the team's strengths
  • Break big goals into small ones

Teaching methods

  • Exciting and real-life case studies from sports to the business world
  • Applicable and concrete tips for daily business
  • Group work
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes throughout the workshop with a prize for the winner at the end
  • Sequences of the film "Freigefahren", which was made about this challenge


  • In person one-day workshop
  • 9:00 - 17:00 incl. lunch and two coffee breaks
  • Groups of 4-6 people are formed
  • Maximum number of participants: 60

Here is the warm up for the record

Are you ready to set a record?

Feel free to contact me to talk about your situation and requirements for a workshop. I can be reached via email ( or feel free to call me at (+41) 77 423 9501.

I look forward to hearing from you.