Leadership Coaching

Are you a motivated leader interested in developing skills to excel as a leader and pursue daring goals? Skills include self-confidence, courage and resilience.


As a trusting partner, I will help you develop essential skills while giving you the guidance, confidence and courage to take necessary steps to pursue your goals.

My clients

C-level Executives


Top Management


Rising Stars

You are unique, so is the coaching

Everyone is different with very unique needs. Some clients would like to meet every week. Other clients every month. Some prefer meeting in person. For others it is easier virtually (especially if located outside of Switzerland). Some clients worked with me for a month, others for over a year. It all depends on what your individual situation is. There is no wrong or right.

Through an introduction video call, we find the best coaching options for you.

Coaching - How it starts

We start by deep diving into your motivations and decision making. We then identify your next steps and take concrete actions to your next professional goal. Usually it takes no more than four coaching hours and you know what direction to take and how to take it.

In addition to 1:1 sessions, you can always text or write to me with questions or concerns which we will find the solution together. You will not be alone going through this process. Plus, you receive a copy of my book “What it takes to make dreams come true”. 🙂

As a trusting, supportive partner, I help you:

  • Identify your professional strengths and motivations
  • Get a better picture how a fulfilling professional life looks like for you
  • Build true self-confidence
  • Gain a new perspective on what opportunities you have
  • Analyze the necessary steps towards a fulfilling professional life
  • Create a sustainable path taking the entire your life into account
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Overcome any barriers to take action
  • Stay focused and on track to pursue the goal despite any obstacles along the way
  • Be your partner for the entire journey. You are never alone going through this!

What you can expect from coaching

  • The sessions are high individualized and completely based on your needs and your situation. You will not receive any standard questionnaire or personality quizzes.
  • I coach by results, not time. You dont pay for longwinded sessions but for the results we achieve together.
  • I don`t judge nor compare. It is your unique life.
  • It is important that you bring motivation to the coaching session to be effective.
  • You will know before each session what you get out of it.
  • My goal is that you succeed. I do let you know if I believe I might not be the right person to coach you.
  • I highly appreciate communication and honesty.
  • Depending on location, the sessions are virtual or in-person (Bern). At extra-charge, we can arrange the coaching at a more suitable place for you (if not in Bern)
  • Languages I coach: English and German
  • Everything is confidential.

Let`s get to know each other.

Let`s have a chat (English or German) and get to know each other. I would love to learn more about your current situation and why you are looking for a coach. I will then give you an overview how I might be able to help you. This call is completely without obligations. It is completely ok if you decide after the call this might not be a good match.

I look forward to hearing from you! You can email me at monika@monikasattler.com or send me a message at +41 77 423 9501.

What my clients say

“Sometimes the mountains are not as high as they seem from the valley below. Monika, with her extremely inspiring, passionate and energetic manner, has given me new perspectives on how I manage to reach my goal. Through easy-to-implement and very effective tools, I am well on my way to realizing my professional plans. I am incredibly grateful to Monika for her motivation, follow up and for showing me that you should never give up believing in yourself and your goals. ”