Talent Development Training

Are your employees on track to a fulfilling role within your company that is aligned with their strengths and motivation?
Are they utilizing their full potential? Are they happy to stay?

I help companies to empower their employees by matching them to a strength-focused, motivating and sustainable role within the company.

Employees who feel aligned with their strengths and motivations will stay longer, are more productive and create a positive working climate.

Defining The Goal

We look at the talents’ strengths and motivations and create a path within the organization that aligns with them.

Advancing Their Skills

We work on building the soft skills needed to thrive including self-confidence, courage and resilience.

Overcoming Any Challenges

 I help them to create a support system within the organization that help them to thrive. In the meantime, I am here and listen if they want to discuss any challenges they might encounter. We find solutions together so they can keep thriving. They are not alone on their journey. Everything we talk about is confidential.

How it works

Every month (also more frequent if it is requested), I meet with a selected pool of talents (up to 8) for a two-hour training session at a meeting room near their office space. We go over current challenges they might face but also work on concrete steps to build the skills necessary for them to thrive. Skills include: Self-confidence, courage, leadership and resilience. The talents get immediate take-ways from each session that he or she can apply. Regularly, I also meet with leadership to discuss any development or concerns.


This is a win-win situation:

Talents develop according to their strengths and motivations and building the necessary skills to thrive resulting in more work satisfaction and productivity.

Organizations retain their satisfied and productive talents creating a sustainable work environment.

Why me?

Having worked with talents and leaders in different times of their professional lives, I have gained a wealth of knowledge on the importance of a sustainable work environment and what the key factors are to develop and retain top talent.


Next step

If your organization is interested in a talent development coach, let`s have a chat. In this call, I would love to learn more your organization`s situation. I will then give you an overview how I might be able to help. This call is completely without obligations. I look forward to your email to set up a call: monika@monikasattler.com